A good education is the foundation to a bright future for our kids. We must fight to improve our school system so it can help our children achieve their dreams.

1. Continue to build a stronger knowledge foundation in core STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) and language subjects.

Knowledge will provide our students with the opportunity to pursue their dreams. The TDSB must focus on improving student learning in core subjects and realize observed improvements through student achievement data.

  • Use professional development to increase teacher capacity in teaching math and science and supporting student learning.
  • Ensure that all students are reading with confidence, understanding, and fluency by the end of Grade 1.
  • Review the implementation of the student interest program policy and make necessary adjustments to ensure educational quality.

2. Close the student learning and well-being gaps caused by the disruptions during the pandemic, which resulted in a drop in learning achievement across the board for students.

  • Implement Empower Reading program in 55 new schools and train 85 new teachers to provide early intervention reading support in classrooms.
  • Redeploy central staff to provide training and support to educators to incorporate new elements of the 2020 math curriculum and the 2022 science curriculum.
  • Implement “Voices from the Field” to allow educators to share best practice with other educators.

3. Continuing to improve financial management within the school board system and find creative ways to increase funding.

  • Ensure proper financial and operational controls are in place to minimize waste and unnecessary spending in the school board.
  • Secure continued funding to support student education, student well-being, and students with special needs.
  • Increase school board funding through the development of expanded revenue streams.

4. Further enhance parent engagement and develop strong partnerships with parents

  • Enhance collaboration between parents and the school system through open and direct communication.
  • Continue to build collaboration between school councils and promote active parent participation in the school community.
  • Promote parent voice within the community and provide meetings & forums to discuss important topics on education.